Demurrage and Detention. A Telex Release can be defined as a message that is usually sent by the agent or shipping line from the origin to the office at the custom destination or from their agent that the shipper has already surrendered the OBL (Original Bill of Lading) issued to them. No original bills of lading are issued when a sea waybill is used. Negotiable Bill of Lading . This means that you can legally resell them on. Telex release, as the name suggests, is a telex message that the origin agent or shipping line sends to its counter part at the destination to release the cargo without production of the original bill of lading. If working with an Original Bill of Lading, this needs to be presented in order to be able to receive the merchandise at destination. We do not accept Release bill of lading against pay slip or payment order from banks.

To make it easier, demurrage relates to container storage at the terminal (charged by the port), while detention relates to container usage (charged by the shipping line).. Any … The original bill of lading serves all three purposes i.e. This is to certify that the above-mentioned shipment was effected through the “ TELEX RELEASE ” arrangement. Allows for multiple transfers of the eBL between issuance and surrender; ideal for Trade Finance scenarios. Bill of lading (can be telex released or the original) The bill of lading is the official shipping document containing all the details about the shipment.

Evidence of contract of carriage; acknowledge receipt of cargo; Document of title to the goods; Usually an original bill of lading is released in 3 original (negotiable) and 3 or 6 non-negotiable copies. This certification is being issued upon the request of the above-named consignee for whatever legal purpose it may serve. A telex release is often used as an electronic communication from the carrier (at the port of origin) to their associate at the port of destination confirming that they have received the original (non-negotiable - see below) bill of lading from the seller, allowing the goods to be released to the buyer without the original bill of lading. When an import or export is carried out, the Bill of Lading can be in the form of a physical hard copy of the document known as the Original Bill of Lading or a virtual copy called the Telex Release. The most important fact to know to understand how a telex release works are that a telex release bill of lading is not a type of BL, but a form or surrendering an original bill of lading. However, the difference being that with the Express Release, no hard copies of the Bill of Lading are issued. Supports transfers of electronic bill of lading from one shipper to one consignee prior to surrender to the ocean carrier. A surrender bill of lading is a document issued by exporters that allows importers to legally own the items the exporter shipped.


Letters of Credit are contracts written between the shipper’s bank and the consignee’s bank that will guarantee payment of goods ‘upon Bill of Lading’. There are only 3 ways in which a bill of lading may be issued. With no originals created, the Express Release offers many advantages, but should only be used under very specific circumstances.

A Telex Release is a message sent by a cargo agent at a port of origin to a port at the final destination of a shipment. The carrier’s responsibility is to deliver the cargo to the named receiver. These two words Demurrage and Detention gets people confused most of the time. Sometimes referred to as “consignment notes” and do not act as a title document; the sea waybill can only be issued with the shipper’s written consent. A telex release is in essence an electronic message transmitted from an agent or shipping line at the port of loading (POL) to the agent at the port of discharge (POD). Format for Express Release / Telex Release [Appendix B ( BL Release At Destination - Applicable only for South & Central America) Appendix B Form from the Consignee [Letter of Renouncement . A Telex Release is a digital version of the original Bill of Lading that allows merchandise to be released without needing to produce a physical copy of the original Bill of Lading. Contact us to find out more. Bill of Lading – please get Seaway bill or telex release the OBL. It represents ownership of the goods; when the bill of lading is transferred, the goods are moved from belonging to the supplier to you. Once the buyer has made the balance payment the shipper will ‘surrender’ the B/L and tell the shipping company to issue an ‘Express Release’ or ‘Telex Release’ Bill of Lading. Lading is the process of loading cargo onto a ship or vessel, and a negotiable bill of lading is one kind of bill of lading.The bill of lading is a … A Telex Release signals that the shipper has surrendered the Bill of Lading that was issued to them. A telex release for a bill of lading allows the carrier's agent to release the cargo at one port even though the shipper surrendered the original bill of lading at a different port. Telex Release and Shipper Surrender Also known as “Express Release Bill of Lading” or “Straight Bill of Lading,” a Sea Waybill is used when the shipper decides to release ownership of the cargo immediately. Dans le cas d’un Télex Release Bill of Lading ou Connaissement de Mainlevée par Télex, un BL original est toujours délivré à l’exportateur, une fois que la cargaison est à bord du navire. This message signifies that the shipper has surrendered the original Bill of Lading (OBL).

It’s important NOT to mail any OBL to Winona HQ to avoid document missing and occurring demurrage or storage. 7) Release Original bill of lading: Release of Original bill of lading/ Seaway bill/ Telex release will be performed at Maersk’s offices upon receipt of full payment. Per our records, the covering Original Bill of Lading was surrendered by the shipper to our port of load office. [Express Release Format . Hard copies of the original Bill of Lading are still issued and the Telex Release is by no means a substitute. 1) When a B/L is issued in Original(s) to a “named” consignee it is referred to as a “Straight B/L” and a straight B/L is a NON-NEGOTIABLE & NON-TRANSFERABLE DOCUMENT.. 2) When a B/L is issued to a “named” consignee but without any originals, it may be considered as a “Sea Waybill“.. BONUS : CAS PARTICULIER DU TELEX RELEASE BILL OF LADING. Vessel Voyage Forecast Arrival Berthing Terminal Registry number; NILEDUTCH BREDA: 1432S: 31-12-2021: DP WORLD: LODUR: 2047E/W: 29-12-2021: DP WORLD: CYPRESS: 3201W: 28-12-2021 For a telex release to be actioned, there are a couple criteria that must be met. The Express Release Bill is similar to the Telex Release in the sense that it can be digital.

This means that the goods can be delivered to the person identified in the document, and they will simply have to verify their identity instead of presenting a document to claim the freight. Please get Seaway bill or Telex release the OBL after receiving the payment. In logistics, supply chain and shipping industry, the words demurrage and detention …

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