Maria RoscettiMaria Cristina Roscetti is an accomplished event professional who not only offers a diverse portfolio of planning and conference management experience, but also offers over 17 years’ experience of designing and managing events from concept to execution for corporate and non-profit conferences, trade shows, award galas, regional meetings and fundraisers for a variety of audiences.

It was in early 2014 when an opportunity arose, and Maria was inspired and launched her new business in the corporate and private event industry – RADIOACTIVE Entertainment. Maria loves her career where she can get her logistical kicks while letting the creative juices flow and her passion encompasses the many details of creating that WOW moment!

RADIOACTIVE Entertainment is a professional entertainment and event production company bringing you the hottest in musical performances and design memorable experiences that will captivate, excite and ignite audiences to exceed your expectations by being a vital part of any successful private or corporate event.

Maria has a flawless reputation for producing events and taking care of the tiniest facet, ensuring an awesome experience to be remembered long after the last guest departs and the lights are dimmed.